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Hey! Is that a WMD in your back pocket? A dialogue.

What if Saddam was your neighbor?

Okay, let me see if I got this straight;

  1. Let's say that we live on the same city block (Planet Earth). And your family just happens to own the gas station on the corner.

  2. And my family accuses your family of having weapons of mass destruction in your house. Your family denies the allegations.

  3. My family solicits the help of others in the neighborhood (UN).

  4. But, basically the neighborhood (UN) disagrees with my family.

  5. My family says it is going to kick you family's butt and is going to show the whole neighborhood that they were wrong.

  6. My family, including our close cousins (British), break into your house (Iraq) and start trashing your place.

  7. Your house is wrecked and your household leaders are sent scurrying for cover. We search in the basement to hunt them down. But we don't find any WMD's.

  8. However, we do find that your family was severely dysfunctional and we proceed to help those that have been abused. However, friends of your family sneak into what was the backyard of your house and throw garbage at my family to force us out of your house.

  9. The top guy in my family surveys the damage and says that it is going to cost a lot of money to make things right. (87 Billion and climbing, for the first year). Some people in my family balk at the notion of paying for the damages that we caused and thinks that your family should pay! (The U.S. Senate voted that 10 billion dollars should be a loan.)

  10. Meanwhile, the whole neighborhood is frightened and things are becoming unstable. The Israeli/Palestinian feud (our neighbors across the street) is escalating. China has moved thousands of troops to their North Korean border. Opec has cut production of crude oil to raise prices. The Pakistanis can't find Osama and India, with her finger on the atomic trigger, is keeping a watchful eye on the situation.

Is that about it?

No, you forgot something.

What's that?

Our Military Forces have been severely reduced over the years and our current troops are spreadout over the neighborhood (world). More reserve troops are needed. We made promises to Africa that have yet to materialize. And Al-Quaida is till operating out there in the bushes.


Yeah and there is more.


The American household have a lot of gas guzzling SUV's parked in the driveway. In the near future, gasoline prices could increase to possibly $2.00, or $2.50, or even $3.00 a gallon! What will the American Family do then? Will your family invade Iran, Pakistan, or some other country where terrorists are hiding?

Hmmm... the upcoming Presidential Election should be even better than the last one!


© 2003 Richard C. James