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Dare to love. A guideline for living.

Ten Steps on a Spiritual Path

  1. Love God. Accept God as being responsible for all things; the good as well as the bad. Give thanks to God for all things; the good as well as the bad, everyday. Acknowledge God as supreme power of all Creation.

  2. Love thyself. Everyone is a creation of God, and as such, is entitled to respect, dignity and reverence. No one is valueless. Each person has tremendous gifts to offer the world. Each person is an heir to the throne of God (including those that have forgotten their divine inheritance). Treat yourself right. Forgive yourself for your mistakes; past, present and future.

  3. Have no fear. God is, and always will be, in control. Living in fear creates needless suffering. Fear breeds anger and violence in forms that are subtle and gross. Fearless living is honoring God. It is FAITH.

  4. Live in the present. Don't worry about the future. Don't get stuck in the past. Only the NOW counts for anything. Celebrate the moment; enjoy the present.

  5. All challenges can be overcome. Faith In God makes us incredibly powerful. Obstacles to our spiritual growth are merely steps leading to God's Kingdom. We cannot experience glorious victory without these roadblocks. The battle can be won. The mountain can be moved. Believe it. Live it.

  6. Avoid condemnation of others. This is a very difficult concept to realize. We tend to judge everything as either right or wrong. But, our life experience is limited, and our focal point is singular. Only God can see all things from every angle. Only God knows what is in a person's heart and mind. Compassion and understanding are the keys to the Kingdom.

  7. Abundance is real, scarcity is an illusion. When in need, keep this simple truth in mind, "God is my protector and provider. " Can a man count the grains of sand on the beach, or the stars in the Universe? Opportunities for you abound. God, the Omnipotent, will supply you with what you truly need. God is an inexhaustible resource.

  8. Be a leader. Let your light shine. Set the example (you do it unconsciously anyway). As you reach for your higher good, you will show others the way. Dare to be different. Do new things. Be prepared to serve people. As you offer service you provide leadership.

  9. Be mindful. Do not caste your pearls before swine. Listen to the inner voice. Take time to quiet the mind. Share what you learn with others but do not waste your time on those who are not ready to listen.

  10. Hit hard and be hard to hit. A seeker of truth is a dangerous person in a world of lies. Nonconformity frightens people. The TRUTH can be threatening. Enemies will rise against you and will try to silence you. Effect positive change, make difference in a harsh world. Avoid temptations and other pitfalls.

The ten steps above are not original. They've been around for at least two thousand years. I just put my interpretation on some of the basic concepts as expressed in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.


© 2003 Richard C. James