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Short story 6

Party Animals

Shaniqua Bradley had known hard times in her life, but she managed to smile nevertheless. Her high school teachers encouraged her to pursue a career as a concert violinist. She graduated high school with honors and she had won a small scholarship from a local community organization but her father needed her. Shaniqua worked as a waitress in the family’s restaurant in New Orleans. She put her dreams on hold to help her family.

Five years later she was still serving fried chicken dinners to the restaurant’s regulars when her father died of a heart attack. The insurance money was not enough to sustain the business and the restaurant closed its doors. Shaniqua went to work for a hotel restaurant downtown. She had started saving her money to go to Tulane when her younger brother, Arturo, became a crack head. Eventually Arturo was kicked out of the house but not before stealing Shaniqua’s savings.

If it weren’t for bad luck, Shaniqua would have no luck at all. She enrolled in Tulane’s music program and was doing quite well when Hurricane Katrina hit. The flooding of New Orleans destroyed her home and all of its contents. But she continued to smile.

The stress of relocation caused her mother to have a mild stroke. Shaniqua wanted to stay with her mother in the tiny government trailer but her mother urged her to go live with family in North Carolina. Shaniqua reluctantly agreed.

Shaniqua managed to transfer her credits to a small college in North Carolina and settled down to do her music studies. She lived with her cousins who were roughly her same age. Rae-Rae and Tynae were exotic dancers at a strip club just outside of town. Shaniqua became a stripper to earn some extra cash. During the day she would attend her classes and on the weekends she would dance on the pole at the Ponytail Lounge.

One day a last week, as she was walking across the campus, three white students approached her. She knew that they were members of the college’s football team. Other students had nicknamed the trio as Tad, Chad and Brad. These guys had a bad reputation. The young men had a knack for getting in trouble with the school’s administration. But the trio was also great football players. They won important games. Any disciplinary actions amounted to mere slaps on their wrists.

Tad, the star quarterback stepped up to Shaniqua and boldly asked her if she would dance for a teammate’s bachelor party. His gaze consumed her curvaceous chocolate brown body.

Shaniqua needed the cash. She agreed but with the condition that her cousins would accompany her. Shaniqua persuaded Tad and his crew to pay for Rae-Rae as well. Shaniqua did not lobby for Tynae. Tynae, she assumed, was not their type.

Tad, Chad and Brad agreed to pay Shaniqua and Rae-Rae $200 each for an hour of exotic strip tease dancing at their frat house located just off-campus.

Chad intimated that there could be even more money for the girls if they went “all the way”. Brad chimed in and asked her directly if she would give the team blowjobs.

“Hell no!” Shaniqua exclaimed, “Imma dancer not a damn whore!”

“Okay! Okay! Chill baby. Everything’s cool. Just be there at 9 o’clock Thursday night.” Tad said. He put his hand on her shoulder and gave her a reassuring hug.

“Okay, but no funny business!” She said as she walked away. The trio stared at her ass. Chad grabbed his crotch and said something that made them all laugh.

At 8:55 pm on Thursday night Tynae parked the car across from the frat house and waited while Shaniqua and Rae-Rae went inside to strip for the college’s football team.

The small apartment on the second floor was jammed with drunken young men. They had ordered two kegs of beer but one of the kegs was already empty when the girls arrived. Shaniqua did a rough count and figured that there were at least fifty guys making whoops and wolf whistles at her. Rae-Rae felt uncomfortable with such a large and unruly crowd. The girls decided to collect the money, do the dances and get the hell out of there as soon as possible.

Someone turned up the volume of the stereo.

Shaniqua asked for Tad, yelling at the top of her lungs above the din. The crowd parted to reveal Tad sitting on a chair in the middle of the living room. He was completely nude. He held his erect penis in his hands and motioned Shaniqua to come over and “take care of this!”

Without hesitation Rae-Rae and Shaniqua started to leave but the team formed a human wall and blocked their exit. Suddenly someone reached out and grabbed her right breast. Someone else ripped Rae-Rae’s skirt revealing her g-string panties. The men went wild and ugly taunts and racial slurs ensued.

Someone grabbed Shaniqua from behind and forced her to her knees in front of the waiting Tad. The drunken mob chanted, “Suckit, black bitch! Suckit!”

Shaniqua knew that she and Rae-Rae were in a lot of trouble. She reached into her purse and pressed the walkie-talkie button of her cell phone.

She screamed, “Tynae!”

Tad thought she meant that his penis was small. “Tiny? Well make it big, nigger-bitch!”

He grabbed her hair but it was a wig and it came off in his hands. The team laughed. Rae-Rae struggled but they threw her onto the couch in the corner of the room. The men started taking off their pants.

Tad forced Shaniqua’s face into his crotch.

Without warning the door to the apartment was torn from its hinges! And Tynae entered the room. He was the biggest, meanness black man they ever saw. At seven feet tall and 350 pounds of ripped muscle he loomed above the crowd of stunned football players.

Tynae hated being called Tiny. When he was younger the children teased him about his enormous size. He legally changed his name to “Tynae”, and became known as the African male exotic dancer at the Ponytail Lounge. He danced on Ladies Night for a female-only crowd.

He had done a stint in the Marines where he learned hand-to-hand combat techniques. During his time in the military, he took up weight lifting and entered several bodybuilder tournaments. He also had a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

He started throwing the team of college football players around like rag dolls. Several tried to run away by jumping out the widows. But with their pants down around their ankles this proved to be difficult.

Within minutes the screams of mortal fear subsided to moans of pain. Broken bodies were laying everywhere. Only Tad, Chad and Brad were left standing. They were shaking with uncontrollable fear.

Rae-Rae and Shaniqua composed themselves and watched as their cousin pulled his gun and demanded payment. The .38 was small in his massive hands. He pointed it at Tad who peed on himself.

Tynae warned the trio. “If the cops hear about this, I will be back. If my cousins get any grief about this, I will be back. If you do anything like this again, I will be back. Do you understand me?”

The trio nodded affirmatively.

Tynae collected one thousand dollars from Tad, Chad and Brad. The traumatized trio could hear the three strippers laughing as they drove away into the night. Shaniqua relaxed in her seat and smiled.

The end.

©2006 Richard C. James


© 2003 Richard C. James