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Are Humans Becoming Obsolete?

Recently, on television, I saw a robot assist a man carrying a plywood board across a room. In another scene a robot was operating construction equipment, it was driving a front end loader. A Japanese firm was demonstrating the usefulness of their prototypes as construction workers.

Of course, I was amazed at the technological marvels, machines the size and shape of men doing the work of men. Science fiction is becoming science fact every day. Computers are being designed with greater autonomy and sophistication. Divergent technologies are being combined to produce new frontiers with endless possibilities. This is a good thing right?

The world is entering a new era.

Many years ago human beings hunted and gathered food for survival. With the use of simple tools, human beings tilled the soil and harvested food. Eventually, human beings developed simple tools into complex machines. And the use of these machines allowed human beings to build great cities and literally alter the surface of the earth. Electrical power was harnessed and an explosion of technology has come forth with an ever-increasing speed of development.

With every evolutionary change there has been significant social upheaval and environmental consequences. People had to adjust to the new way of doing things. The tried-and-true old ways were reluctantly abandoned for more efficient methods. The New was embraced and the Old was discarded. This is the nature of human progress.

Science fiction writers has warned us many times that we will become dependent on the machines to provide us with all of our essential needs. They predict that we will forget how to farm our food. They predict that we will forget how to design, build and work. They predict that we will become weak, expendable and subservient to the machines that were designed to serve us.

The dark side of technology.

What will the world be like 50 years from now? Considering the rapid pace of technological advancement, the state of the world in 2053 is anybody's guess.

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